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Cool new paper from DeLong lab: Pattern and synchrony of gene expression among sympatric marine microbial populations

Worth a read: The Sieve Hypothesis: Clever Study Suggests an Alternate Explanation for the Function of the Human Stomach | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network

IBM will save the planet with this magical hydrogel - NOT

One way to keep up with new genome sequence publications - SIGS compilation

Science music video of the week: Some budding yeast I used to grow

From iSEEM project: Phylogenetic Diversity Theory Sheds Light on the Structure of Microbial Communities

Overselling the microbiome: University Bern press release uses slight of hand to make mouse study seem to be about people

Crosspost from PLOS Biologue: Working to increase diversity of PLOS Biology Academic Editors and Advisory Board members

Evolutionary Biology of the Built Environment Working Group: Call for Participants

Phyloseminar: ""Language phylogenies and cultural evolution" Online 1/16 2 PM PST

10 things you can do to REALLY support #OpenAccess #PDFTribute

Ten simple ways to share PDFs of your papers #PDFtribute

RIP: Aaron Swartz (collection of news stories, articles, etc)

The kitten microbiome - new related paper and Mendeley collection

Interesting new #PLOS One paper on study design in rRNA surveys

Come all ye Citizen Microbiologists - to Denver 5/19 for ASM Meeting - abstracts due 1/15

Badomics word of the year? Nutrimetabonomics

Storify/Tweet Notes from Noah Fierer's talk at UC Davis